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License : Freeware
Version : 3.9
New Release
Released : 2021-06-21

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Picasa is a free software that helps you to find, edit and share digital photos on your PC. Picasa makes sure your pictures are always organised. Every time you open Picasa, it automatically locates all your pictures (even ones you forgot you had) and sorts them into visual albums organised by date. You can edit and add effects to your photos with a few clicks. You can share your photos with others, arrange your albums. It is fast, easy and free. Get the Picasa Software Download Now!

Picasa 3.9 lets you share directly to Google+ and offers a much richer selection of editing tools.

The latest Picasa with lots of new features

To view the photos , there is a lot of different applications. We have always loved Softonic Picasa, and the new version became our number one program for this purpose.

Organize photos

In the all-new Picasa from Google abandoned structure is the same interface as the previous versions , but it has added new options for more comfortable managing, editing, and displaying your photos , both online and offline - all with a tool to synchronize Web Album Picasa.

Picasa displays all your indexed photos in a handy folder structure. You can give a program to scan your entire hard drive in search of images , or select specific folders . By double-clicking on any image it will be expanded to full screen and will be shown the basic editing tools : cropping, straightening, color and light adjustment and red-eye removal , among other things .

New Features

The new version of Picasa has several new features : face detection and geo- tagging . The first means that Picasa can now scan your photo library , recognize and highlight people's faces , and finally give you sign them . The whole process takes a lot of time - in the pictures will be a lot of people who need to recognize and sign - but if you go to the tag ' Unnamed ' on the album ' People ' , you can add a lot of new names and faces at a time, and finish with this much faster. Geo- tag function has become even easier to use through integration with Google Maps in Picasa: simply select the photos that you want to add coordinates , open Google Maps, clicking on the ' Locations ' tab, select the appropriate location and click 'OK ' .

We especially liked the preview images in Picasa, which can take the place of the default program for viewing images in Windows. It has more tools and it shows photos in a more convenient interface than Windows Explorer, so when Picasa asks whether you want to use it - take this offer!

Picasa but not limited to viewing and correcting images. You can set free your imagination and create using its tools posters , collages , screensavers and even movies. The best thing about this tool is not only that with their help, you can do something unique and original with your photos , but also that they are surprisingly easy to use and does not require any technical skills or photo editing skills .


The new Picasa has successfully completed a seemingly difficult task to further improve and so very good application.


300 MHz processor or higher, 64 MB RAM, 60 MB hard disk space, IE 5.01 or better, DirectX 7.0 or higher

English (US), English (UK), Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese, etc.

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